Tuesday, 15 March 2016


if you have been following my post on my investing on maidsafecoin then you would have noticed that the coin has refused to rise above the price i bought 28,505 satoshi. The price is below 24,000 sats as i post which is loss if i decide to sell now.

I will like to inform you that leaving a market at a loss somtimes is helpful. if you discover a coin that has a potential of giving you 30% to 50% returns then it is a wise decision to leave at loss and enter the new market.

This way you recover from your loss and make a little profit. you see. But be sure you are experienced and convinced enough before trying this strategy though.

I intend using this strategy if i see a potential coin that can bring the return that will
cover for my loss as i pull out and make a small profit. or at least break even.

please you are welcome to comment and ask questions regarding any of my posts



  1. I also bought maidsafecoin..it was going good and then all of a sudden it crashed.. i waited 2 days for it to come back up.. but it just kept dumping and den pump a little.. i just had fall out when d price was a lill bit better so that i didn't make a big loss...

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