Friday, 1 July 2016


If i bought 100 ethers at at 1.8million satoshis, with the hope of making a profit. But i decided to take a 5% loss using the sell stop limit.  3 hrs later,  i checked the market and discovered my stop limit has been filled and the price of ether is now 0.014 btc. I know decide to set a 10% buy stop limt.

I check few hours later and the price of ether is at 0.0175.

Q1. How many bitcoin did i start with initially?

Q2. How many bitcoins did i have after the sell stop limit had been filled?

Q3 At what price did i enter the market again?

Q4 How many ethers did i have after opening the new position?

Q5 If i decide to sell at the current price.  How many bitcoin will i now have?

I am expecting your answers


  1. Dude. This question really requires critical analysis oo. No time to decode sha. Thanks to you, I have begun trading. Though am making cool but little profits. What are your recommended coins for this week? And how many diff alt coins to you buy usually? upto 4 or 5 at once?

    1. Check out the 1st 20 coins in terms of volume.

      I usually buy 2 or 3 healthy coins

  2. q1. 1.8 btc
    q2. 1.71 btc
    q3 0.0154 btc
    q4 and q5 is a little bit ambiguous but i will assume that you used all the 1.71 btc to buy ether at the new stop price of 0.0154 btc /ether so..
    q4. 111.4 ethers
    q5. 1.94 btc

    Keep up the nice work here..

    1. You are absolutly correct. It seems you have been into trading for quite a while.

  3. Assuming no charges
    q1= You started with 1.8BTC
    q2= after d sell stop limit your BTC drop to 1.71
    q3 = you entered the market a second time at 0.0154BTC per ETH
    q4= the qty of ETH bght at dah price was 111.04
    Q5= if you sold out at the new price of 0.0175, you'd aquire 1.94BTC approximately.

  4. you lost yet still managed a good profit in the end nice one...

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