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  8. Do intermediaries need the quality of the goods?
    Intermediaries do harm for production chains and it is a well-known fact. Because of them, the cost of goods increases, and the products do not change.
    However, many still think that intermediaries improve the quality of the goods. Let's see why it's a wrong point of view.
    No intermediary (even useful) works directly with the product. Intermediaries may sell products, deal with regulatory issues, obtain certificates and other related matters. But it is the quality of the goods (that is, what the consumer expects from the product) that is not provided by intermediaries.
    Agree, the end customer does not care about issues related to the sale of products or obtaining permits. He needs to get the goods of the required quality in the right time. The rest of the final buyer should not be interested - it monitors only the quality of the goods.
    And it can be provided only by the manufacturer. That is why it is important to build direct communication between companies that produce goods and buyers of products.
    After all, the consumer will not contact the manufacturer and ask questions about how the certification was held, how the permits were obtained and how the sales channels were located. And here to issue to the supplier the claim connected with quality of goods, consumers can, than often and use.
    But in modern supply chains of goods information from the end customer does not reach the manufacturer immediately. At first it passes through 5-10 intermediaries, and only then gets to the company which directly lets out production. Here, it seems, it is not even necessary to say that the delivery of information can be spent several months, and their quality will leave much to be desired.
    It is necessary to remember that intermediaries are not those people on whom it is necessary to rely in a question of quality of production. They are not interested in that the goods satisfy needs of the consumer: the main purpose of the intermediary - quicker and more expensive to sell production. Only the manufacturer is interested in the quality, because its name and reputation in the market depend on it. And consumers should be able to apply to companies that manufacture products directly, bypassing intermediaries.
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