Monday, 2 May 2016


Ever before I began crypto trading I have been submitting my CV with the hope of landing a good job but all my efforts were frustrated either with a very low paying job which cannot cater for my transportation and feeding alone not to talk less of other bills to pay. I was really worried.
Not until I stumbled upon an article on a forum talking about “ignore crypto currency and regret the rest of your life” The caption really grabbed my attention and out of curiosity I decided to read it. The funny thing was that the article didn’t really talk about trading and all that but was focused about mining a particular coin.
That was how it started for me; I picked interest and wanted to know more about crypto currency. I began to discover the various ways of benefiting from crypto currency.
The main reason for this article is to prove to the readers that it is very possible to use crypto currency trading as a vehicle to get out of unemployment and poverty.
This is a humble and genuine appeal to all graduate, unemployed youths, youth corpers, low income earners and anyone not satisfied with his/her monthly pay that with as little as 1 bitcoin you are on your way out of unemployment just like me. Trust me.
But before you start crypto trading, ensure that you have acquired the basic skills needed to start trading. Spend time to study how it is done first then you are good to go. It is not a rocket science or too difficult to understand. Infact, it is one of the easiest and legitimate ways of making money. Trust me.
Let me share with you one of my trading experience with a particular coin called digibyte(dgb) and from it you will understand the reason for this article.
I bought digibyte with about 0.73 bitcoins on the 14th of February 2016 at an average price of 55 satoshis and I just decided to leave it for about a month. Note that there many trading strategy you can adopt to get the result. As for me sometimes I day trade, hold for a week etc. it depends on the research you have carried out.
In my next post hopefully, I will show to you my day trading result with monero. Any way after about a month or so of holding my digibyte coin the price increased and I was able to sell at an average price of 102 satoshis. This is big if you ask me.
Below is the analysis of the trading activities.

This is more than 70% profit in about a month of holding.

You can’t get it wrong with crypto currency if you apply the basic strategy of trading.


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