Monday, 31 July 2017


DaleCoin is an ERC20 Token based on the Ethereum Blockchain which will serve as a Payment Token for Goods and Services to Anyone that wishes to accept it.

 DaleCoin will be used to join the Social group where experienced Tutors will guide the Newbies and Inexperienced in the art of Cryptocurrency Trading in a Simplified and easy to understand way. Also, It will be used to pay for the Computer based Test (CBT) used in accessing their readiness to start Trading Live. The CBT will consist of more than 500 Standard Test Questions (STQ) covering the general aspect of Cryptocurrency Trading and Blockchain Technology.

A Cryptocurrency Token that powers Dalemat Ecosystem. This is a community that hopes to Teach and Educate as many as possible on how Cryptocurrency Trading and Investment can be used to improve their Finances.


Only 1 million DaleCoin (DALC) will ever Exist and can be Acquired by Anyone who wishes to.

1% will be distributed via Airdrop.

To participate in the Airdrop, fill the online google form below:

39% will be available at Trading Exchanges.

40% will be reserved and distributed to Token holders based on  certain amount held Monthly or Quarterly depending on the demand.

20% will be reserved for Developmental, Marketing and other purposes.


Dalecoin (DALC) will be accepted as the Payment method for Weekly Subscription on the online Cryptocurrency Trading Learning Center hosted on Telegram. It will also be used to pay the Fees for pertaking in a Standardized Computer Based Test (CBT). This unique Service primarily aims to target Nigerians and AFRICANS with Little or no knowledge of Cryptocurrency Trading and Investment. It will make the Education readily available to them at an Affordable price payable only with Dalecoins (DALC). Also, we will target the Graduates, Self employed and Unemployed. The Educational service will commence immediately after the Token Airdrop and listing at Trading Exchanges.

An Escrow Exchange hosted on Telegram that will Facilitate the Exchange of Fiat to Dalecoin and Dalecoin to Fiat will start to function after the listing of Dalecoin at Exchanges.

A Swap Exchange will be implemented to enable DALC Token holders to swap for other listed Altcoins or Tokens. This will serve as another cool way to spend your DALC Tokens. This service will be available before the 2nd quarter of 2018.

DALC Token holders in Nigeria will be able to top up their mobile phone using Dalecoin. This service will also be available before the 2nd quarter of 2018.

Blog owners, Telegram group administrators and Local Exchangers will be contacted  to include Dalecoin as a means of payment for the services they offer. This will create  more use cases for Dalecoin and thereby increase its value with time.

The website shall be up and running immediately after the DALC Token Airdrop.

To join the Airdrop, you can submit your Ethereum address by filling the online google form below:


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    • Commission agents: try to sell goods produced by the manufacturer;
    • Attorneys receive orders from entrepreneurs to sell goods and try to promote sales as much as possible;
    • Agents: conclude contracts for sale of goods on behalf of entrepreneurs;
    • Distributors: conduct wholesale trade in goods which are delivered to them by the producer.
    Do we need the above mediators? Undoubtedly, in some cases they perform useful functions. For example, if the manufacturer is experiencing difficulties with sale of goods or it is difficult to deal with the nuances of the legislation, it chooses a good intermediary and pays it for high-quality services.
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