Thursday, 14 April 2016


It is amazing to see how some countries are very passionate about crypto currencies to the point where they create one for themselves and try to adopt it as a national currencies.

I just stumbled on an article about this scotcoin which was quite interesting and out of curiosity i decided to see how coin has fared so far and i was surprised to see that the coin has a fairly significant growth in less than a month.

What does this mean? As more citizens of the country begin to adopt it and accept it as a form of money there will be demand which will lead to an increase in the value of the coin.

Speculators do i need to spell it out for you? I see a future for this coin.

here is the link to the article


  1. Good morning,
    Please, I need to know if "yaccoin" (as quoted on poloneix) same as "yacoin" (as quoted on bter)? If they are same, why the price discrepancy (9 satoshi on poloneix and 170 satoshi on bter)?
    Secondly, I've also noticed price discrepancies on other altcoins quoted in these exchanges, is it wise to exploit this? I've never used thus my reservations.

    1. I dont think yaccoin is the same as yacoin because of the price discrepancy you mentioned. However, there is only one way of finding out. Send some yaccoin from poloniex wallet to yacoin on bter wallet. if the transaction pulls through then there are the same and if not then you have your answer.

      I noticed that too. but not in all. I have used bter before many times before but the issue i have with them is the low trading volume in most of their altcoin wouldn't want to get my coins stuck there for a very long time. The bitcoin market at bter seems to have more patronage compared to other market.

      I will only use bter if i am guranteed at least a 5% and above arbritage opportunity

  2. Happy Sunday,
    I attempted depositing some yaccoin (as recommended) on bter from my poloneix account but they (bter) just wouldn't generate an address for me. Bitshares (BTS) is also half the price on, tried to deposit that as well and was told deposit was disabled, and the list goes on...
    Secondly, what is your take on qora? I monitored how well they were doing some weeks ago and decided to cash in short term. Unfortunately, no sooner than I put in my cash this red season began. I first bought at 38 sats, when it fell I noticed a strong resistance at 30 sats, i bought again ( as much as the 1st time) unfortunately, it fell even further. Right now it's hovering at 20 - 23 sats, my feeling is that I'll have to hold this one long term (I have no problem with that so long as I make good profits). My question is, what is your take on qora as an altcoin? Do you think (from your experience) that it has the potentials to do well on the long run?

  3. If you can answer these questions then that's your answer.

    1. Does it fall among the first 30 coins in terms of volume. the buy support a reasonable double digit and above.

    3. Is the ratio of the sell order to buy order 2:1.

    4.are there any news about development and investors to the coin.

    If yes to all the above questions. Then you stick to it and be patient.

    If not and you can't wait too long. Then I advice you use dalemats strategy and leave the market at a break even or a small profit.

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